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Thursday, July 25, 2013

What Every "Sweater" Should Know About Weight Loss

No, not THAT kind.

But, THIS kind...

MYTH:  "I'm sweating... therefore, I must be losing weight.  The more I sweat, the more fat is melting off this body of mine!"

TRUTH:  Sweating is NOT a good indicator of weight loss.  Maybe a LITTLE water weight is lost during exercise, BUT not much of any measurable amount... especially if you take into consideration that you're putting fluids right back into your body when you drink water during and after your workout.  But as far as FAT loss?  Chances are, if you're working hard, you ARE losing fat... but it's NOT because of the sweat dripping off the tip of your nose! (A little further below, you'll read how you know you ARE losing fat.)

EXPLANATION of SWEAT:  Sweating is the body's thermostat that regulates temperature control... it cools the body off.  "Goose bumps" and shivering are at the other end of the thermostat spectrum... it's trying to warm the body up.

Some people just sweat more than others.  Most professional athletes sweat more than the average person because their bodies are more efficient at using sweat to cool down. However, people who are overweight tend to sweat more than those who are not. The temperature gauge in someone who is overweight has to work harder to keep the body cool, which results in more sweat production.

And, then you have some people who break out in a nervous sweat, and some who sweat when they look cross-eyed at an ice cube.  I'm pretty sure they're not droppin' many fat pounds by doing that!  :o)

SO, HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN YOU'RE LOSING FAT WEIGHT??? The best way to know that you are burning up the calories, and therefore melting off the fat, is by getting your heart rate up and your breathing rate up. If you are able to carry on a casual conversation with your workout buddy without huffing and puffing, you are not getting much done... except for catching up on current events or on the latest bit of gossip.  Instead, getting in as much "cardio" (exercise that raises the heart rate and breathing rate so that it's very difficult to carry on a conversation) for as long as you can stand it is a great way to shed those extra pounds...

... as long as you're not scarfing down a quarter pound cheeseburger and a milkshake to reward yourself for a job well done!

So whether or not you're a heavy sweater, a glistener, or a glower... go hop on that treadmill or elliptical, or join a spin or cardio class, or grit your teeth in a breath-taking resistance training course... you can do this!  "NO SWEAT!"

Smiles and blessings - Tonya  :o)

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