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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

4:51 a.m.??? Really???

I wake abruptly to the sounds of loud, laughing, early bird DJs screaming into the still darkness of my bedroom. I roll over, bleary-eyed, to stop the insane noise. I smack the button on my old school digital alarm clock radio that I've had since at least 1987 (Yep, it's still running, but it's stuck on one station... the hard rock metal head music station... which, by the way, is not ok to wake up to at 4:51 a.m.).

Yes, 4:51 a.m.  You heard correctly.  Thankfully, I still have 9 minutes of blissful snooze time.  After about 2 minutes of the snooze time goes by, I finally realize why I'm getting up so stinking early... my Sister Chicks are on their way for our Early Bird 6:15 a.m. exercise class!

Yes, 6:15 a.m.  Again, you heard correctly.  There are crazy ladies out there that have convinced me that 6:15 is an appropriate time to get our exercise on during the summer months.  Aren't summer months for sleeping in?  Nope, not when you're the owner and group fitness instructor for Sister Chicks Fitness Headquarters!

The full 9 snooze minutes go by... it's now 5:00 a.m.  Time to make the donuts.  Oh wait, donuts... exercise... a cryin' shame those two things don't go better together.  Fine, I'll just make coffee instead.  :o)

The coffee is started.  I have Swiffered the floor.  I have my one-and-only pair of my favorite capri exercise bottoms on, my "The Lord is My Strength - Psalm 28:7" custom-made tank top in place (that I somehow managed to not put on backwards in the still darkness of my bedroom), and my "business partners" are tied to my feet where I'd much rather just have on a pair of my fuzzy slippers.  But the show must go on.  More about my "business partners" can be found on the right margin of the main/home page of this blog site.

Before you envision this huge, elaborate, state-of-the-art gym attached to my house where I hold classes, let me stop you right there.  The truth is, I dream of that room... but for now, I do with what the Good Lord has given our family:  A 1977 ranch home with a large enough family room that I am able to slide the furniture to the perimeters of the room, making room for me and up to six Sister Chicks at a time to get in a good exercise.  Only once in a while does someone get in a good kick that knocks over the TV or pops someone else in the teeth.  Kidding.  Hasn't happened.  Yet.  But that's why I have good insurance.  :o)  In the corner of the room we have an area that holds all of our exercise mats and a weight rack that holds lots of sets of dumbbells.  So, we make due in our humble abode that I call home. 

And, I wouldn't have it any other way.  God has given me the gift of hospitality, and I absolutely LOVE having 18 - 20 clients total (not all at the same time) bless my front door and home as they step in and have such a great attitude about getting healthier and more fit through exercise.

It's unique to have classes in a home.  It's not intimidating like a gym setting can be for so many people, especially women.  Classes are small - which makes for some wonderful friendships to form.  Everyone gets to go at their own pace depending on their level of fitness - which provides a safe place to exercise at our best capabilities, but without the judgement of others who might be in better shape.  Conversation is rich -- we can go from talking about our greatest personal concerns to cracking a joke about how there are way too many things on our bodies that bounce when we jump!

My Sister Chicks.  I love them.  They inspire me.  They encourage me.  They make me laugh.  They remind me that God has given me this purpose in life.  God is good, and I thank Him for my Sister Chicks.

Smiles and blessings - Tonya  :o)

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