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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Listen to Your Body - It Knows What It's Talking About!

This morning's class was difficult.  Yes, we were smiling and laughing, and enjoying each other's company like we always do; but the actual physical exercise was difficult today.  It wasn't just me.  Several of us were sluggish and fatigued.  The exercises were the same that they've been all week, but today some of us were just "off".

Do YOU ever have an off day where you just don't have the "mojo" to keep your energy level up?  I think we ALL have those days.  It can happen for a number of reasons:
  • Poor quality sleep last night
  • Didn't eat - or didn't eat WELL
  • Dehydrated
  • Over-exercised (body fatigue)
  • Fighting off a virus bug
  • Bad mood
These are just a few reasons for not being 100% during your exercise time.

When you're feeling this way, it is important to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!  Your body knows what it's talking about.  If you are committed to a class, it's ok to still show up (as long as you're not actually sick); but just go easy on yourself that day.  Get in some activity, but don't feel like you just have to kill yourself over it.  Be nice to yourself.  :o)

Now, on the other hand, if it's your BRAIN telling you not to go to class because you're just feeling lazy, or you have laundry to do instead, or you just don't feel like it... your brain might possibly be telling you a little fib. I encourage you to ignore the negative thoughts, get yourself up, lace up your shoes, and go do something good for yourself!  Because, most likely, once you're there you'll be glad you did it!

Smiles and blessings, Tonya

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