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Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Love Relationship with My Business Partners (aka My "Really Good Shoes")

After my business was well established, I made an important and worthwhile investment... I hired four "Business Partners".  Yes, my business is small in appearance... so why would I need business partners?

OK, fine, I'll admit that my so-called business partners that I hired were actually the purchase of two pairs of Really Good Shoes.  I had never had Really Good Shoes, and my body was suffering from it.  Prior to the Really Good Shoes purchase, I wore just Ordinary Cheap Shoes that just did not have the support and cushioning that my feet, legs, and back deserved.  Wearing Ordinary Cheap Shoes can INJURE you!  And that, they did.  I found myself with a lot of lower leg pain and extra muscle fatigue that I blame on the Ordinary Cheap Shoes.

Once I hired my Business Partners, things started looking up!

Strapped on for their first day on the job!

Sometimes it's hard to justify paying for Really Good Shoes, but it also can be expensive to pay when you get injured (time off from exercising and/or doctor's bills).

When you are looking for Really Good Shoes for yourself, consider your needs and what you'll be using them for.  Consider how much impact will be involved and what kind of flooring or ground will be under your feet when exercising.  Do you have high arches that need support or low arches that need extra attention?  Do you have weak knees or bad hips or a hurt back?

Buying shoes online is convenient, but you run the risk of not getting what you really need.  I suggest going to shoe stores that carry Really Good Shoes, and try on as many different brands and styles as you have the patience for.  Take your time.  Do your research.  It's an investment that you'll really appreciate!  Once you find your Really Good Shoes, it's up to you whether you purchase them in the store or find the exact same ones online for a better deal.

Oh, by the way, two of my Business Partners went on a little adventure with me and my family yesterday... they went on a nature walk in the woods!  I think they were a little excited to leave the comforts of their "office" and going somewhere new, but I'm not sure how they felt about the mud, the funny smells, and the deer pellets.  They're gonna need a bath today!  :o)

My hubby and our youngest daughter leading the way through our nature walk while my Business Partners and I brought up the rear!

Smiles and blessings -- Tonya

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