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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Exercise... the Other Half of the Story

Eating healthy or "dieting"... whatever you want to call it... is a great way to lose weight, and I STRONGLY PROMOTE good, healthy eating habits!  BUT exercise is the other half of the story... and here are 4 reasons why it is so VERY BENEFICIAL to us women:

1. Women tend to store up fat and flab a lot easier than men... I know, it's not fair.  However, exercise (especially resistance training) is what helps you SCULPT AND FIRM your body (which dieting alone cannot do).  AS YOU BUILD STRONGER MUSCLES (and I'm not talking about big, bulky, boy muscles) YOU WILL INCREASE THE FAT-BURNING PROCESS.  And adding cardio/aerobic exercise increases that process even more!

2. As women get older, we need strong muscle tone and strong bones for good health (to help decrease the possibility of bone breakage, poor posture, lack of energy, and overall loss of strength).  Exercise and resistance training is a great way to help prevent those issues.  Starting now, at your current age... you will thank yourself later in life!  It's not too late!

3.  Over time, our balance and flexibility decreases.  As people age, you hear of some falling and hurting themselves (sometimes severely).  This is often due to balance and flexibility issues.  Exercise and resistance training can greatly help in this area, too!

4.  Women are dying of heart disease and respiratory issues at a very high rate.  Exercise can help prevent you from falling into this serious statistic.  When you begin exercising, I agree, it is hard to keep up (your heart feels like it's beating out of your chest and you can't catch a breath).  HOWEVER, this is very short-lived as your heart and lungs grow stronger with each and every session of exercise.


With all of this said... I want you to know how much I care about you and your health.  My passion is to strike an excitement and motivation in ALL women to begin exercising... AND ACTUALLY ENJOYING IT... and reaping the benefits of good health (both now and as we get older).

The time is now... even if you have to literally drag yourself to my house for classes (or to the gym, or popping in a DVD at home)... it WILL get easier!

I beg you to join me in this quest for getting in some exercise - several times a week... if not for yourself... how about for those that you care for?  In a very short amount time though, you'll realize that it IS for you as well!

Smiles and blessings - Tonya  :o)

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