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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Enjoy the Journey - No Matter What Your Pace!

So, there's this small lake just a couple of miles south of where we live, and we (our family) recently discovered that it has a 2-mile, asphalt-paved path that winds through some beautiful scenery... lots of trees that provide constant shade, deer who are not afraid of humans, birds, butterflies, flowers, and a bridge that crosses over the lake.  It is all just absolutely beautiful.

A couple of nights ago, my husband, two of our kids, and I decided to go over there and walk the loop.  And, when I say walk, I mean stroll... or even perhaps, amble... our way around it.  Why so slowly?  Because we weren't in any hurry, and the scenery just stops me in my tracks where I just have to pause and enjoy God's amazing artwork.

From the Bridge:  A tree-lined horizon and beautiful clouds reflecting off the lake.

The pathway is wide enough that on many occasions, the four of us would happily move over to the right to let faster walkers and several runners go past us.  It kind of made me feel lazy, comparing myself to those passing us, for not having a faster pace.  But our goal for the evening was to "enjoy the journey"; not to finish the race in first place.

The ironic thing was that 2-mile loop, no matter how fast you walk or run it, burns the same amount of calories... approximately 200 calories for your average-sized person.  It's just that most people burned off their 200 calories a whole lot faster than we did because they were going at a faster pace and finished the 2 miles before we did.

What's my point of this article?  A couple of things:

1) When you're exercising, enjoy the journey at your own pace.  If you have plenty of time, feel free to take your time.  It'll take you longer to reach the goal, but you can still have fun doing it.  Finding something you enjoy makes it seem less like exercise, and more of just pleasure.  What a great way to burn calories, and not even realize it!  Enjoy the journey.

2) On the flip side, if you are short on time, you're going to have to pick up your pace, work at a higher intensity (get that heart rate and breathing rate up), and challenge yourself more to get those calories spent in a shorter amount of time.  And, that's ok, too!  Your journey will be shortened, but you will reach your goal that much faster!  There is a lot of satisfaction in knowing you worked hard in such a short period of time!

Both of these scenarios are still getting the job done.  You're being active at whatever pace you choose and you're making great use of the time that you have!  It's a win-win... as long as you get yourself up and be active in one way or another.  :o)

Smiles and blessings - Tonya

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