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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fact or Fiction? "No Pain. No Gain."

"NO PAIN.  NO GAIN."  We've all heard the saying, haven't we?  But is it accurate when it comes to exercise?

Well, yes and no.  Many people assume that in order for them to see results (better muscle tone, less body fat, healthier cardio/respiratory, etc.), then exercise must be PAINFUL.  However, exercising to the point of actual pain can do more harm than it can do good.  An exercise routine or program might be UNCOMFORTABLE at times (mostly caused by temporary lactic acid build-up).  But it shouldn't be painful -- pain could be a hint of an injury developing.  And no one wants an injury, right?

There are a lot of programs/DVDs on the market that are crazy insane, and you feel like you've been run over by a truck because of how intense the workout is.  How long will you continue to stay with a program like that if that's how you feel during and after your workout? I don't know about you, but I'm not a glutton for that kind of punishment!  :o)

I encourage you to look for an exercise routine that is sensible... one that puts a reasonable demand on your heart and lungs (getting the heart rate up and your breathing rate up); and one that puts a reasonable demand on your muscle and skeletal systems.

What we're looking for is a lifestyle change... something that has longevity... something more permanent.  So why not find a program that gives you a workout that definitely challenges you and makes you want to come back for more; BUT, one that doesn't go to extremes where you could easily take it too far and end up with an injury??? Now, THAT would be a PAIN!  

So, am I promising you that you won't have sore muscles after you start a new routine?  Definitely not.  But, I wouldn't call that a PAIN.  Instead, I like to call muscle soreness a "SOUVENIR" of the goodness you did for your body! 

Exercise is a blessing to our bodies, and it most definitely doesn't need to be a punishment.  Find something that you like to do, and go for it!  And when you feel those "souvenirs" the next day, smile and know you did something good for yourself!

Smiles and blessings - Tonya  :o)

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