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Friday, July 5, 2013

Porch Ponderings #1 - The Goodness of Water

As I sit on my front porch this morning during this 3-day rain-soaked 4th of July weekend, I could easily get gloomy over all of this rain.  It crushed the spirits of those who wanted to watch the fireworks displays last night (that ended up getting cancelled/postponed) and bummed out those who had outdoor plans and grilling out meals to prepare.

But on the other hand, as I sit out here, I see the grass getting taller, and I see my flower garden springing forth with new life.  Vibrant color is popping everywhere! I am imagining the stems of those flowers soaking in the goodness of WATER.

This is such the opposite of what I witnessed last year at this time when we first built and planted this garden.  The weather was extremely hot and very dry that season.  My infant plants and flowers desperately needed water, and the garden hose and I were their only hope of survival.  I tended to them several times a day, watching over them, checking on them to make sure they had plenty of water to survive on.

They survived!   Why?  Because of the goodness of WATER!

Our bodies are the same way.  We need water.  Most of us are walking around (or lying lethargically around on our couches) so parched and dehydrated from not taking in enough water, and we don't even realize it.  If you were to search the internet to learn from all of the experts out there exactly how much water you need, you'll get many different answers.  I don't believe there is a magical number of ounces, quarts, or even gallons to take in every day.  But, what I do know is, we NEED WATER.

Just like my flowers, water keeps us alive.  It keeps us alert.  And it helps us bloom into the beautiful people that God intended us to be!  As we bloom and become more vibrant, we become healthier and happier... and hey, maybe even more attractive to others looking at us!  OK, that might've been a stretch with the whole flower analogy thing, but it was worth a shot! :o)  But, I do know this, when we treat our bodies with water and other proper nutrients, we DO feel better... which, in turn, helps us bless others better.  Don't you agree?!

So, after you leave me a comment... go grab yourself some water!  Your body will thank you!

Smiles and blessings -- Tonya :o)

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