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Monday, July 8, 2013

Do-Over Monday

Monday.  The day to jump back on the bandwagon of exercise, dieting... whatever your turning-over-a-new-leaf goal might be.  After a bad weekend of eating, or after a week on vacation... Monday seems like a good day to just start fresh, doesn't it?  A do-over button might be just what you need.

Most of us have good intentions to stay on the right track to getting healthier and more fit through eating right and exercising.  But, if you're "normal" (like I am... however, depending on who you talk to, some might not say I'm normal... but that's a whole other topic), our good intentions can very quickly turn into failures.

Failures of missing a workout.  Failures of eating one too many cookies or chips.  Failures. Failures. Failures.  Sometimes we think to ourselves, "Why even bother?  I'm never going to have the will power to overcome these weaknesses and failures."

Can I encourage you to stop focusing on the so-called failures, and start looking at the positives of meeting little baby-step goals instead?

So, you ate that candy bar.  It's over and done with.  Stop beating yourself up over it. Forgive yourself.  Get up... brush yourself off, and go do something positive to overcome what you might have seen as a failure.

Here's a great way to stay positive and reach your goals:  Saying to yourself, "I need to lose 20 pounds this month" could easily be setting yourself up for that so-called failure.  By being more realistic and saying, "TODAY I am going to drink more water than I did yesterday" or "TODAY I'm going to keep my hand out of the cookie jar better than I did yesterday," you're much more likely to succeed!  It's all about the baby step goals!  I'm all about succeeding... how about you?!  :o)

So, raise your glass of water high, and cheers to TODAY... "DO-OVER MONDAY"... or Tuesday, or Wednesday... you get the point.  EVERY DAY... or even EVERY MINUTE is the perfect time for a do-over!

Smiles and Blessings - Tonya  :o)