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Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Fellowship of Friends & Fitness

About a year & a half to 2 years ago, I invited a small handful of ladies to come to my house in the mornings to exercise with me.  Why?  Because otherwise I wouldn't exercise at all... I'm lazy, what can I say.  :o)  They'd show up all bleary-eyed (some worse than others) and we'd pop in a DVD.  Sometimes the DVD would be fairly mild with a happy-go-lucky, always-smiling-through-the-sweat instructor who we named "Debbie Dimples".  Another DVD involved this way too serene yoga dude wearing an outfit that should NOT be worn out in public lest he be arrested for indecent... um... hmm... not going there, but you get the picture (try erasing THAT from your mental image!).  And other times when we were feeling like getting a verbal whipping, we'd pop in "Jillian"... not just a verbal whipping, but a good ol' fashioned butt-kicking as well!

This daily hour that we ladies shared together was, yes, about exercising... but what we more importantly gained was a time of fellowship, friendship, fun and laughter... LOTS of laughter!  It's amazing the things that are funny when you're deliriously worn out!

This morning-time ritual with my friends will always be a precious memory to me.  I thank God for them and what all that fun and fitness led to...

Fast forward to now... some of those same ladies plus a few newer ladies have joined me in my home for that same kind of fellowship, friendship and fun.  The difference is... there's no DVD to pop in.  Instead, I have the privilege of leading them in exercise.  Sometimes I can pull off a sweet "Debbie Dimples"; other times I can get a little more... how shall I say... loudly motivational and become a "Jillian".  But mark my word... I will NEVER be the serene yoga dude wearing a shiny white skin-tight unitard!

My point?  Exercise doesn't have to be boring, dull and grueling... something that you'll give up before you even get started.  Find yourself a group of ladies and have fun!  And may your fitness time be full of fellowship and friendship!

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