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Saturday, September 10, 2011

I Would Have Fallen in the Shower had it Not Been for this Class

And I quote, "I slipped in the shower this morning; and had it not been for this exercise class, I think I would have fallen!"  Well, I'm not sure I'll take full credit for her not falling... it was more than likely the Grace of God that kept her from falling on her wet fanny!  However, to explain her funny-to-hear comment:  The ladies who attend classes in my home get a full-body 45-minute workout that includes several different elements... including BALANCE exercises.  As we get older, it gets easier and easier to lose our balance and fall.  Bumps and bruises... scrapes and scratches... broken bones... twisted ankles, etc.  I for one don't want to be laid up for several days or weeks with an injury... so I've been developing my core muscles and my focus on balance to hopefully help prevent too many falls later on in life.  [SIDE NOTE CONFESSION: I tripped UP the steps last December and it took 5 months to heal.  My classes teach balance, NOT "how to not be clumsy"!]  :o)

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