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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Skinny Genes

There's a difference between being thin and being fit.  I have always been on the normal to thin side.  I have never had much of a weight issue (Shh, I can hear you "booing" me already!).  BUT, I wasn't healthy or fit.  I was a lazy bum who just happened to inherit "skinny genes" from my family.  I was never athletic... in fact, I wear grade school scars from always being picked last for a game of kickball during recess.  I hated high school P.E.  because I wasn't good at anything... including dressing out in front of a bunch of other girls in the locker room who happened to have already blossomed... and at 43, I'm STILL waiting for that "blessing"!  So, being thin sometimes has absolutely nothing to do with being healthy or fit.  So the next time you see a girl with "skinny genes" on... don't be jealous of her or even hate her... because she more than likely has her own issues to carry just like we all do.  Focus on yourself, instead of on her, at becoming the healthy and fit person that God has called you to be.  What an added blessing you can be to others when you are in better health!  Can I encourage you to start today -- right where you are -- and take it day by day at becoming more active and fit?  Blessings and smiles to you all! ~ Tonya  :o)

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