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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thankful for 2013! And Hopeful for 2014!

It's the final day of 2013, and as I sit here reflecting on this past year, I am thankful for my clients that I have had the pleasure and honor of having in my home to exercise with me!  Lots of pounds and inches have gone away, and have been replaced with strength.  Strength... not only in muscle strength, but the strength in their confidence and attitudes.

When a new client starts classes with me, she generally tends to be apprehensive in picking up a dumbbell that she thinks might be too heavy for her, or she might say she can't do push-ups or planks.  But what she learns very quickly (through the encouragement from me and from others in the class) is that she CAN do it!  And every time she tries, she gets that much more confident in herself.  It's a beautiful transformation to watch!  My passion for teaching small group women's exercise classes is all about that transformation!  

  • I love watching their cars start lining up in my driveway to start that day's class together!
  • I love greeting them on the front porch or in the front doorway of my home!  
  • I love the small (and sometimes deep) talk that we share before, during, and after class!
  • I love the laughter that fills the room!  
  • I love the friendships and camaraderie that continue to develop!
  • I love the encouragement they give to each other, not only about exercise, but about life in general.
  • I love seeing them work hard during class to challenge their bodies to get stronger!
  • I love hearing that they are making healthier changes in their food and drink choices!
  • I love it when they step on the scales and see the positive results from their efforts!
  • I love them... my Sister Chicks... and I wouldn't be in business without them.  I'm thankful for their friendships and for trusting me to be their fitness instructor.
As I look towards 2014, I am hopeful and seek God's direction in continuing my business by bringing new ladies into our group.  I would love the privilege of being a positive impact and encouragement to more women, and I trust God will bring them my way in the coming days!

2014 also brings a larger menu of services that I can offer.  In addition to the small group classes that are offered, I will now be taking appointments for one-on-one personal consultations where we can sit down together and talk about nutrition and bettering your eating habits, or we can use that personal time for exercise instruction.  These one-on-one hourly consultations are available whether you are a member of the small group classes or not.

*If you have further questions about details of my classes, etc., please do not hesitate to contact me!  Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you in the next couple of days!